Setting Up the Perfect Kitchen Scrap Compost Program

Let's Stop TRASHING Nature where we are!

Growing Gurus
Apr 9, 2023

Nature is everywhere

If you want to help reduce your environmental footprint with your house waste, you are in for a treat to find out how easy it can be with the right tools and how much you can be stopping from going to the landfill.

Nature Makes us Happier and Healthier

We can all agree that a walk in nature helps to reduce stress and there are tonnes of studies to back this up. With that the biggest thing we can do to help preserve nature is to compost our organic waste rather than trash it.

Easy Guide Tested By The Growing Guru

Let's start with the fun part of starting your sustainable journey guide that almost all Americans like... Shopping! First you will want to read over all of these items and decide if you want to order them off of our link that we will be getting a small commition off of helping to support more content like this or find it else ware.

  • A Table Top Compost Bin
  • Compostable Bags to make it easier to keep clean
  • If you use enough paper towels tissues and other water obsorbing material you will have no problems with flyies yet just in case this is the best kitchen fly trap we have found
  • Large Compostable Plates
  • Usually your provider like us will offer your outside bin yet here are some bins that will make storing compost in your garage for as long as you need super efficient
  • Lastly so that you almost never have to clean out your compost bin here are some compostable bags that work well
In Colorado and want a Guru to help you?

Feel free to reach out to to see how you can off set your carbon footprint by having A Growing Guru come pick up your compost. With our help every pound of compost you create can offset your carbon footprint by roughly 65 pounds. Here is a link to all of our

“Start where you are. Use what you have. Do what you can.” Arthur Ashe