Can it be Composted?

A Growing Guru approved list of compostable products!

Growing Gurus
Apr 9, 2023

Healthy Products

Some of these products might cause you to shift how you think about every day products so be ready for a paradigm shift! Forget that plastic filled brain fog and get ready for a cleaner and healthier life style!

These are the most common thing our compost pickup customers want

Stop stinking up our planet

White Cotton T Shirt The best part is no toxins seaping into your skin with this organic T Shirt

Clean up your your dishes and our planet

We all like to be clean as babies

Compostable Coffee Pods

Small Party Bowls

Big Togo Bowls

Help your pets be sustainable poo!

Make your food last longer

Big zipping bags

Gloves, great for cooking or handling your stinkiest compost

Cling Wrap

Fancy Plates, great for weddings

Hot Cups

Making our planet and your self Healthier

Once you start to wake up you can see that everything around us is either harming us or healing us which is why I wanted to start the list with a Compostable T-Shirt. This list will only be growing as our society starts to wake up to the facts that we must stop trashing our natural resources if we are to show my the next generations the beautiful sights that we have seen!

Make sure it ends up in the right Bin

After getting all of these cool compostable products now comes the most satisfying part, making sure it goes back to healing our planet and soils. Here are a few options plus one idea that you can implement in your own back yard or local garden.

  • Hire a compost pickup service. If you are in South Denver to Pueblo here is our link we also have a few drop off sights that will be coming on line around Parker where you can drop off your compost at a pay what you can basis.
  • If you are not in South Denver to Pueblo then you can do a simple google search
  • Lastly check out our Bioreactor Page here to see how with pallets you can find for Free a few screws and cardboard, you can make a compact efficient composter
“An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure”. Benjamin Franklin