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Join us in our mission to Help Humanity Grow More Healthy while reversing our environmental FootPrint!


Ghostprint Eco-Friendly Services

We offer a variety of services, such as our subscription compost pick-up service for residents between Denver and Parker.

We are promoting FREE compost pickup with the purchase of any of our services such as Eco Mowing, Xeriscaping and any of these other sustainable services!

We collaborate with all of these companies (to the right) to ensure that it helps heal the planet rather than harm it by going to the landfill which allows you to leave a Ghostprint on the environment

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Compost Pickup
CompostKingdom.com is our sister Corporation.
Eco Yard & Garden
Fully Electric Solar Powered Tools and Planet/people safe Chemicals
Barn Landscapes
Creating Eco-friendly Solutions like Xeriscaping, rain catchment and much more.
Tree Care
Collaborating with Complimentree on big Tree Jobs to provide a more sustainable tree care service.
Serves 50+ Guests
Enough essentials to serve parties and more
Make a Difference
Join us in helping the planet
Sprout your self-sustainable journey

Compostable Products

Pick any amounts of these products and More for us to ship or deliver.

Microwave & Freezer Safe
Extra large 7 inch utensils
5% of proceeds go to funding our partner non-profit SAME Cafe’s mission
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No Trees Cut
No trees are harmed in making these products
100% Compostable
Made of plant based materials

Our mission is simple

We are helping humanity grow healthier through regenerative methods. Watch this informational video on the importance of regenerative land management.


The GhostPrint Ecosystem
has four components


Everything from your kitchen scraps to tree waste are things we can collect to go into our system .


The compost we collect from our clients goes into our carbon capturing composting systems.


Our biodigester breaks down your waste and turns it into methane that can be used to power anything that runs on natural gas or converted into electricity.


Lastly, the liquid and solid fertilizer produced from your compost is used to grow more carbon capturing plants!

Join us and help stop trashing the earth!

Join us today with one of our products or services to launch yourself to an organic and sustainable lifestyle.

Our Partners

Trusted and endorsed by world-class companies

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