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Our mission is to Help Humanity Grow More Healthy while reversing our environmental FootPrint!

Eco-Friendly Services

Compost pickup, lawn and garden, landscaping, and tree care services in collaboration with our partners


Compostable Culinary Kits - 5% of Proceeds go to funding our partner non-profit SAME Cafe’s Mission

GhostPrint Ecosystem

Unleaving Humanities Environmental Footprint. All organic waste goes into our Carbon Capturing Technology

Sprout your self-sustainable journey

Compostable Products

Our 250 PC dinner ware set includes 50 - 9" disposable paper dinner plates, 50 - 7" dessert appetizer plates, 50 - 7" forks , 50 - 7" knives and 50 - 7" spoons. It can serve up to 50 guests.

Microwave & Freezer Safe
Extra large 7 inch utensils
5% of Proceeds go to funding our partner non-profit SAME Cafe’s Mission
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No Trees Cut
No trees are harmed in making these products
100% Compostable
Made of plant based materials

Ghostprint Eco-Friendly Services

We offer a variety of services, such as our subscription compost pick-up service for residents between Parker and Pueblo.

We collaborate with all of these companies to ensure that it helps to heal the planet rather than harm it by going to the Landfill, allowing you to leave a Ghostprint on the environment

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Compost Pickup
Collaborating with Castlerock Composting
Lawn & Garden
Collaborating with Good Plugs Parker
Collaborating with Segula Stone LLC
Tree Care
Collaborating with Complimentree
Serves 50+ Guests
Enough essentials to serve parties and more
Make a Difference
Join us in helping the planet
Why choose Ghostprint®

Our mission is simple

We are Helping Humanity Grow Healthier Through Regenerative Methods. Watch the informational video on the importance of regenerative land management.


The GhostPrint Ecosystem
has four components


Everything from your kitchen scraps to tree waste we can collect to go into our system .


Then the compost we collect from our clients goes into our carbon capturing composting systems.


Our biodigester breaks down your waste and turns it into methane that can be used to power anything that runs on natural gas or converted into electricity.


Lastly, the liquid and solid fertilizer produced from your compost is used to grow more carbon capturing plants!

Join us and help stop trashing the earth!

Join us today with one of our products or services to launch yourself to an organic and sustainable lifestyle.

Our projects

Take a look at our past successful projects

Warren Village

Our main sprouting project is to help the kids and student mothers at Warren Village get access to fresh food.

Trees planted
Raised money

Roseto Community Project

Ever wanted to describe what causes that warm tingly feeling you get while being fully engaged with your community around you?

Trees planted
Raised money

Organic Weed Killer

Did you know that you can make an all-organic weed killer with 3 Simple Ingredients?

Trees planted
Raised money

G3 NuTREEnts

We have a simple solution to turn that trash into trees or more specifically NuTREEnts.

Trees planted
Raised money
Case Study

What are our local communities saying?

If you have any recommendations of schools that could use help such as getting a school garden up and growing or eventually donating full G3 Sanctuaries to schools that will use it, please let us know.

Our email Growingguru@ghostprint.org is always open to receiving your recommendations.

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