Sustainable Landscaping and Construction

Composting, Scrap Metal and Sustainable Tools

Oct 23, 2023

"Skate to where the puck is going, not where it has been". (Wayne Gretzky)

It is easy to see that we are trashing this planet on a massive scale. Many people are waking up to the destruction that is taking place and so the market is slowly starting to shift to demanding greener options. This is why we are teaching the methods we know are tried and true.

#1 Composting- this is the most important one on the list because as a Landscaper most waste is organic. This can save a little money in the short term by not having to trash everything and create tonnes of money in the long term by creating some of the best fertilizer/soil amendments. Lastly on the philosophical side a nation that trashes its most valuable natural resources will soon cease to exist. Throwing away organic waste is directly, TRASHING NATURE.

#2 Recycling Scrap Metal- in the short term this makes more money and all it means is having a bin on site. We are making one that can be loaded with a fork lift yet for now just use a trash can labeled Recycling. We this take the bin back to our home base where we store it up until we have a full truck and trailer load to take to the scrap metal yard. This makes us about $40 per truck load which is not bad if we have to already be in the area. The scrap metal does not have to be perfectly clean, it can have plastic on it and they take all types of things like cords as well. More than anything then there is way less waste on jobsite making your operation cleaner and greener!

#3 Sustainable Tools- I will be brief. These small engines are super in efficent with fuel which wastes money on excessive amounts of fuel. Rather using electric tools has been very helpful while charging them with a solar powered generator because then we never have to refuel them. It is way less messy and at the end of a tools life we recycle the batteries, take apart the electronic components and scrap metal it!

Together we can go far. This idea is ripe for collaboration. A landscaping depot that does this is a great idea that we are trying out right now!