Organic Weed Killer

Want to keep poison away from your family and friends?

Nov 13, 2023

In a spray bottle or just a jar mix the ingredients seen above in the correct proportions. This does not need to be exact. This does not do a perfect job at killing weeds especially if they have been used to growing in round up yet it works ok and will not cause any negative health effects. The other secret to ensuring success is to find a vinegar that is not watered down as most is mostly water.

WARNING: we are not liable for any damage caused and this is only to be done by a professional. We have observed that a flame thrower works really well for getting rid of leafs, pine needles and leafs.

Another thing that works really well for killing back weeds and trees naturally is epson salt. You drill holes in the chopped down tree and then pore tonnes of epson salt on and around it and it kills suckers from coming back.

Lastly steam weeding or poring boiling water on it is a good way to get rid of the weeds down to there roots. Check out one of our partners to learn more