Sustainable Event and Parties!

Do you want to learn how to turn all that trash at events and parties into trees?

Apr 9, 2023

Fully Compostable Parties

Hello this is Niko The Growing Guru and I would like to show you a first hand a experience that inspired me to set out on this mission of trying to help as many people as possible have sustainable event and then with that said I will help you pick out the best, fully compostable certified products to make your next event sustainable. Lastly I will show you how you can properly dispose of it or if you live within 10 miles of I-25 from Denver to Pueblo area you can have us pickup your compost.

SAME Cafe Gala

While interning at The So All May Eat Cafe I was asked if I wanted to watch the compost bins and take away the waste to our Ghostprint Eco-system which would allow me plus two friends to have full access to the Gala. So while representing our Nutreents, Ghostprint Eco-system and Eco-friendly landscaping company all we had to do was stop drunk people from throwing the metal beer cans in the compost plus take out the bags of compost because everything from the plates to the cups was in compostable containers. I want to give a huge shout out to The Executive director of SAME Cafe at the time Brad because he had this vision and it sparked this idea. This is most amazing because instead of all the trash from the event doing just that to our planet, it is now being used to grow trees for our landscaping clients. How amazing would it be if all events where compostable?

Niko at The SAME Cafe

The Healthiest and Most Sustainable Compostables

First off because compostables have no plastic in them no more worring about toxins in your food helping you be healthier. Also no more throwing food in the trash which I believe is trashing mother nature. Lastly if you compost it which I will show you lots of resources how to soon, you will be able to offset your carbon footprint.

How to Turn your Trash into Trees

If you live in Denver Colorado there is a free compost drop off site call the Cherry Creek Recycling drop off. Also almost anywhere in Colorado you can google a composting service for your area. This is also the same in most of the United States however if there is no one in your area that will pick up your compost you can always turn it into fertilizer your self which I would recommend checking out YouTube for all the different types of composting you can do. My recommendations for this are our Funguly dominated Pallet Composter you can see how to construct for free here.

“Whenever the soil is rich, the people flourish, physically and economically. Whenever the soil is wasted, the people are wasted. A poor soil only produces a poor people." George Washington Carver