How to Best setup Home Compost Pickup!

Tested Tips and Products to Make it Easy to SAVE NATURE

Growing Gurus
Sep 4, 2023

To sprout we recommend a bin to use inside your house. The best way we have seen to make it easy to compost your food(Nature) scraps is to have a small bin for your counter top like this one We also recommend these bags to make it cleaner and easier to clean up!

Next we recommend a 5 gallon bucket out back or on your front porch which we provide to all our customers at no cost or if needed a traditional trash can however we do not recommend this because a lot of the time trash will make its way into these. If it can be done a pallet like seen here works best because it is not mistaken for a trash bin.

Check out our Youtube channel to see how our client is using this exact method to maximize there composting experience!