Eco-friendly Mowing

Changing the ways we mow our lawns for the better!

Aug 24, 2023

Don't worry! Mowing with an electric mower is a lot easier than that! Ghostprint is revolutionizing lawn care with its eco-friendly solar powered electric mowing services. By utilizing electric-powered equipment, planet safe chemicals and composting lawn shavings, this nonprofit stands out for its commitment to sustainability, and environmental responsibility making your community a little bit healthier. Email or text 720-439-9885 for more information regarding any of Ghostprint's Eco-Friendly organic waste diverting services.

Eco-Friendly Mowing:

Traditional gas-powered mowers emit harmful pollutants that contribute to climate change and air pollution. In contrast, Ghostprint's electric mowers run on clean energy, reducing their carbon footprint and minimizing harmful emissions.

Benefits of Electric Mowing:

  1. Reduced Emissions: Electric mowers produce zero direct emissions, improving air quality and supporting a low-carbon future. Here is a quick link to a full kit you can get
  2. Noise Reduction: Electric mowers operate quietly, reducing noise pollution in residential areas and wildlife habitats.
  3. Properly recycling your batteries is important. We use Home Depots free drop off and recommend using google or Earth 911 to find a proper place to recycle your expired equipment.

Non toxic chemicals:

Most lawn services use harsh cancer causing chemicals right next to your home, Ghostprint uses Planet, pet none cancer causing chemicals:

  1. Our top seller is our G3 NuTreents because it helps to brighten up yards and plants almost instantly.
  2. This year our newest chemical is a organic weed and feed. Yes doing the right thing takes more time, in time it will reap greater benefits.

Composting Lawn Shavings:

In addition to electric mowing, Ghostprint composts lawn shavings instead of discarding them. This sustainable practice offers numerous benefits:

  1. Soil Enrichment: Composting grass clippings creates nutrient-dense organic fertilizer, promoting healthy plant growth and reducing the need for synthetic fertilizers.
  2. Waste Reduction: By diverting lawn shavings from landfills, Ghostprint actively contributes to waste reduction efforts and minimizes environmental impacts.

Ghostprint's electric mowing services and composting initiatives set it apart from traditional lawn care providers. With a focus on sustainability, this nonprofit reduces emissions, pollution including noise, and waste. By choosing Ghostprint, customers support a local organization while actively participating in the preservation of our environment plus communities health. Together, we can create a greener and cleaner future. If you want to help us continue to bootstrap our social enterprises planet protecting programs like this one, feel free to share our contact information or 720-439-9885