3 Seed Starting Secrets

Do you want to know why your seeds are not sprouting or how to make sure you start your seeds off super easily?

Apr 9, 2023

Let's Grow

You are in the right place to learn how to best start your seedlings so let’s spring right into these 3 secrets!!!

1). Don’t plant your seeds too deep! 

Most seed packets say to plant them away too deep yet when starting them inside you only need to put them less than half an inch under the soil.

2). Keep them in a warm place and once they sprout give them enough light plus air flow!

This tip can be a two in one because if you use lights that create heat like the old once’s you can heat your seedlings while they sprout and give them enough light once they do! Make sure not to put them to close though Unifiers else you can get a melted seedling tray.

3). Never let them dry out! 

For most plants, you don’t want to let them dry out while they are seedlings because that is the easiest way to kill them off. Also by always keeping them wet, you keep the air moist which helps your little seedlings survive and thrive.

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A bonas tip to sprout you seeds even faster is put them in a moist paper towel and then in a baggie like these before planting them into little containers!


Seed starting Bags