Wasting Less Wine Bottle G3 NuTREEnts


Grow your own fresh food 

Say goodbye to running out of fresh food and embark on your journey to self-sustainability... This Bottle of G3 NuTREEnts will ensure everything you grow from your favorite flowers to fruits and veggies all with a small donation of $21. You will also be helping fund the G3 Sanctuary® project that allows you to grow your own fruits and veggies ALL year round.

Imagine there comes a time when food runs out at groceries, or you simply need to stop going to the grocery store so much for food. Luckily with our help, you will have the tools to grow your own food.

For every bottle of NuTreents, you buy another bottle will be donated to help students learn to sprout their own gardens.

This Bottle of NuTreents is concentrated allowing you to spread it on your whole garden so we can have healthy food as much as possible. 

Learn more on how to start your seed at our blog here


✅ Grow your own food and become self-sustainable

✅Easy and simple process to grow your greatest plants

✅Preservative-free fruits and veggies to protect your health

✅Each donation funds the G3 Sanctuary® to help you never run out of food

✅Charitable cause (We are a registered non-profit)

Please allow 7-10 days for your seeds to deliver. We also offer a 30-Day money-back guarantee in case you are not satisfied with your experience :)

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