This G3 Sanctuary® technology is WORLD CHANGING because it is Pollution Preventing, Climate Cleaning and most importantly for our G3 CommUnity it is Helping Us Grow more Healthy Together.

Now to back these claims up, here's how The G3 Sanctuary® Technology works. The first thing you should know is that the main part of the Technology, one could say the stomach of the system which is called an Bio Digester made by Homebiogas. 

As you can see above the HomeBioGas system captures the Methane or what they call Biogas and turns it into a fuel to cook with. This proves our claim that G3 Sanctuary® Technology is Climate cleaning because Methane is 20+x more of a greenhouse gas than CO2. Also when the Methane is burned it creates two things, H2O/ water in the form of humidity and CO2/ Carbon Dioxide. Meaning if that Methane is burned in a greenhouse like The G3 Sanctuary those two byproducts make amazing growing conditions. It is like nature intended it this way. (Side Note, the Biogas can be used for heat lamps just as propane is used or in an electric generator. 

Ok, right now you are probably thinking wow Niko The Growing Guru that is amazing how you can use the biogas to cook with instead of letting it cause more of a greenhouse effect like it would if thrown away however I came here to learn about how The G3 NuTreents are made and with that, here you are. As you can see below the Homebiogas system also makes a byproduct of liquid fertilizer and that is exactly how our G3 NuTreents are made. 


We use only organic food waste to feed our Homebiogas system that is inside Our G3 Sanctuary® MVP Trailer that you can see below and the best part is we know exactly is what our G3 NuTreents are coming out as because we know exactly what we put into our Homebiogas system. To back up our claim that Our G3 Sanctuaries can help prevent pollution I want you to prove it to your self. Go look up how many different items are made from organic material like cotton or bioplastic. All it takes is a few lifestyle changes and almost all our daily items from cups, plate to even our cloths can all be recycled into this system. Amazing right?

One of my favorite parts of this whole project is formulating the NuTreents blend, for our first batch we are making a basic blend to help ensure it will help almost all of your plants, if you are very into growing a specific type of plant I would advise you get your own system because your can make specific NuTreent blends depending on the types of organic waste you put into the system. 

One last note before I leave you with how The G3 Sanctuary® works to build CommUnity. The Homebiogas system is not made for cold climates like North America, that is why you probably have never heard of this system. The nonprofit that creates them is based out of Israel where it is warm all year around. In order to still allow this system to thrive in cold wether we have sheltered it inside a Greenhouse and you can put it in any greenhouse plus the Homebiogas system will help keep your greenhouse warmer.