Have you ever seen the excitement on a kids face when they eat something they have just harvested? Their joy is one of the main reasons why we believe everyone deserves access to fresh food. That is why we are a Social-Enterprise, allowing us to be the best stewards of our customers money by directing it towards helping those in need get access to healthy food. As of right now we have determined that by helping students and kids, they can make the largest impact on the world in the long run. If you have any recommendations of schools that could use help such as getting a school garden up and growing or eventually donating full G3 Sanctuaries to schools that will use it, our email Growingguru@ghostprint.org is always open to receiving your recommendations.

Our main sprouting project is to help the kids and student mothers at Warren Village get access to fresh food. We are teaching the kids how to make pop bottle planters like seen above and helping grow their garden beds like seen below.

If you are blooming with as much excitement as the kids we help and want to support, here are a few ways we could use your help! First off we could use help planting more seeds projects like the one seen above because we see there are still many kids that need help getting access to fresh food. For that our email is listed above. The Second way you could help is to spread our mission down your grapevine, meaning help us get the word out there. You can do this by sharing our social medias at the bottom of this page or sharing our website. The last major thing we could use help on is of course funding. With every purchase you make we are able to sprout and grow these projects. If you have any other ways you think you can help out our email is always open to help us cross-pollinate.