Xprize Growing Gurus

Steph is so smart with numbers and has been a crucial player when it comes to our financial projections and making them realistic to investors. 

Oscar builds stunning websites and has been a the leader for the business plan plus a huge help on constructing our prototype. 

Ataiyo is a super Fun Gi and is the brains behind out carbon sequestration methods. He also helps lead a farm in Arizona which allows him to give great leadership and advice to our project. 


Amir is one of the smartest engineers you will ever meet. He knows how to program machines and build hardware like robotic arms which will be used in our Eco-systems. He also is amazing with creating our Graphics as well as videos.  

Evan is helping with the business plan and how we can cross-pollinate this technology all around the world. He has also contribute to the build as well as allows us to keep our project on his families Farm.

Niko Dowling Lead Growing Guru is the founder of Ghostprint and leader of The Growing Gurus. To find out more about him check out our blogs a pages. 

Xprize Mentors


MP has been an huge mentors in the planning state of this project, helping us secure some funding from a pitch competition his department The Jake Jabs Center at CU Denver hosts which we took home the Mission driven prize in. 

Brad is a Brilliant mentors able to give the best advice to help our team figure out some of the deepest questions. Also gives great connections and volunteering opportunities to help our team give back.