We The Growing Gurus pride ourselves on being a Sustainable Compost, Lawn and Garden Care Company. We think properly composting like in our Ghostprint Eco-system can Save us from The Climate Risk. If you want to support or learn more check out our plan for The Xprize. https://www.ghostprint.org/blogs/news/xprize-plan

Contact us at growingguru@ghostprint.org 

Text 303-246-1776 or leave a voice mail and a Growing Guru will reply back so you as soon as possible. 

We specialize in Compost Pickup, Lawn and Garden Care such as mowing, cleanups, planting, planter building and small landscaping projects. 

First 2 weeks FREE of compost pickup if you want to live a more sustainable lifestyle and capture carbon with things you use everyday. We will deliver a handful of compostable items the first of which you can see here. https://www.ghostprint.org/products/250-piece-biodegradable-paper-plates-set-extra-long-utensils-disposable-dinnerware-set-eco-friendly-compostable-plates-utensil-include-plates-forks-knives-and-spoons-for-party-camping-picnic