As he walked down the hallways he new his life would never be the same! Back in 2015 the conception of GhostPrint (Unleaving Humanities Carbon-Footprint) was sprouted when our founder Niko The Growing Guru's life was flipped upside down shattered and then reassembled into this beautiful mosaic. Over the last six years with the help of Youtube University, lots of books/people and lots of trail and error the idea has been coming into reality via our G3 Sanctuary Algae Growing Bioponic Greenhouse. 

Now to get into how GhostPrint Eco-systems work hold on because we are going to flow into the system starting with the best part, the tasty healthy fresh food. With all the leftover food waste they are put into our the sink and ground up by a traditional Garbage disposal mixed 3 parts water to one part compost. All types of food waste cab go into the system such as bones, meat and fats plus traditional compostables. The system can even break down bioplastic unlike a normal backyard compost pile. Here is a picture of all the components. 

The Biodigester is perfect for growing algae and fresh food allowing almost anyone to help their CommUnity grow more healthy because it produces an abundant amount of liquid fertilizer. It also produces a biogas made up of methane when burned creates CO2 and water that can be pumped straight into the algae Bioponic buckets. Further the waste heat generated from the biodigester and burning of the biogas system are also well wanted by the plants and algae. The waste fresh food grown using the outputs of the Biodigester can go back into the traditional sink and garbage disposal to close the loop making the system completely sustainable once set up. 

To Help make our planet more sustainable we are designing a new and improved world changing sized Ghostprint Eco-system. To learn more about how we are pursuing this project check out our plan for the Xprize.

Once the food is grown the easy decision of what to do with it is for you and your community to eat it of course. Now why and what do we need the algae for? First off the reason we need the algae is because most likely it is going to grow in the system anyways and second is that it grows 10 times faster than a traditional plant. This means it can capture more carbon than any other living organism making it the best tool for helping us win the XPRIZE Carbon Capturing Competition. For now we are going to dry, weight then calculate how much carbon it has taken up and eat the algae because the form we are growing is called Chlorella which is edible.

Once we get into the competition and have a plethora of more funding compared to what we have been working with boot strapping this, we will be turning the algae into either biochar which is like charcoal and will stray trapped in physical form for hundreds of years inside a man made food forest or we will be making it into bioplastic which will then be used to build things like walkways, road, light posts and even houses. For now those are the solutions we have come up with and are open to others so feel free to email us at if you have any suggestions or message us on any of our social medias below and or next time you want to donate think of contributing to help us keep cross-pollinating this world changing technology around the world because 100% of your donation received goes towards funding this project. If you are considering constributing feel free to check out on contribution page in the top left quick links tab. 

This will help ensure that less kids will fall into the wrong type of community and end up getting there lifes flipped upside down and shattered like Niko Dowling The Growing Guru's did because there is better ways to inspire kids.