As the G3 CommUnity is sprouting small deliberate changes and ground work can make a huge difference. That is why we are laying a strong yet flexible foundation with out 6 top core values. 

CommUnity: Deeply connected, as The Growing Guru says it starts with talking about how good the food is and ends with what's the meaning of life.

Health: Helping Provide a Healthy Lifestyle

Inclusivity: Allowing anyone who wants access

Education: Prioritizing practical project based education, things like cooking classes, growing classes or what ever G3 CommUnity members can dream up.

Interdependent: Synergizing so it is a win win for the whole G3 CommUnity and nature.

Regenerative Growth: Producing on the behave of restoring nature. For example rather than our technology taking away from soils and ecosystems, with the waste carbon in the form of composts the best option will be to regenerate the soils around our systems.