While pursuing The Carbon Removal XPRIZE, Niko The Growing Guru and his class mates came up with a little invention that just might revolutionize the way compost is handle. They came up with the small proof of concept for a completely compostable table top compost bin to make it more easier, more fun and cleaner that way anyone can start composting. Below you can see the second 3D printed compostable compost bin. Which Niko and his Growing Gurus team outside of school expanded to be like Legos that can be stacked so that it makes compost more fun as well as cleaner/ easier to keep organized. 

After doing much research and getting real world feedback they also came up with a game on the website they built to help anyone in Colorado find the best composting pickup service providers both of which you can see below called Composting Rewards, they also came up with a composting information page based on the feedback that they received about how little people truly know about composting. Lastly they have tied in the Compostable products that can be seed above into the website and even have the Composting Games Rewards add up to discounts on the Compostables sold on GhostPrint's site under the all Compostable Products you can see below. 

The next step of this project is to scale this up one more time to the size that can fit Ghostprint's Compostable Culinary Kit. The Ghostprint team will then be making a mold of that final prototype which we can inject with any color of Bioplastic allowing for easy color coordination when our product line expands. The next sized Composter will be roughly the dimensions as you see the box below is. This will allow the bin to function in its maximum way. First it can be used it to ship our compostable products, for our own purposes because we forsee Ghostprint being as big as Amazon, making them safely stackable and easily color cordinated when we grow into more kits is a huge plus. Next it can still easily be put on onces counter to be used as a compost bin and lastly it can be picked back up when they order their next box or boxes in which case their old compost boxes can be neatly stacked without stinking. 

Due to all the fun we had creating this Compostable Compost Bin and how we see it can actually be implemented into the real world we have decided to submit our idea to the Lewis awards. We have a feeling that we are onto something with this idea and hope the judges consider making a real change in this world. Feel free to check out one of our best videos yet.