Ghostprints Xprize Planets Protecting Plan

How much easier would life be if almost everything went in one bin? No more washing your recycling or event sorting recycling for that matter. No more waste stinking up our cities. Well this is our goal and heres how we plan to do it! Did you know that rotten smell coming from your trash is mostly made up of methane which is 83 times more of a greenhouse gas over a 20 year period than CO2 does, warming our cities and stinking them up expecially during the summers? 

Above is the first prototype we have created to demonstrate how our goal will be achieved. This technology we call The G3 Bioponic system is a innovative idea that the crucial component to making our goal of one bin achievebale. With the Xprize funding we plan to scale this up to a size that can process We are in communication with a few composting and landscaping companies to take there organic carbon capturing waste and convert it into Ecosystem orchards sprouting first in the Denver Metro Area. These Ecosystems are expected to be able to lock 952 metric tons of Carbon per year over 40 acres using the Johnson Sue Bioreactor with the digestate from the Biodigester above. Now that might get us close to winning the Xprize Carbon Capturing Competition and is great for the environment on top of the fact that the Ecosystem orchards purify the air, water they use and ground they are around yet it is not enough to win the Xprize or make a real whole worlds changing organization. 


Here is where the one bin idea comes in to play. Using compostable bio materials grown with the very waste collected to run the systems you just saw we can create everything from shoes to toothpaste to almost anything you can think of that you use or benefit from. Then picking it up and dropping off at the same time with Electric trucks or natural gas powered trucks both of which are powered by the Biodigester Methane, electric is a little better because the CO2 created can be pumped back into the ground like Robert is doing, capturing even more, your trash can turn into trees to capture more carbon, purify the air and water. Then we can cross-pollinate this technology all around the world helping other cultures to make there very own products and there we go, sprouting a regenerative future that captures the maximum amount of carbon out of the air while making your lifestyle easier. 

If you want one Growing Guru piece of guidance take away from this it is, Start Composting. If you don't have the time for it then hire a composting company because they will save it from being a environmental risk and who knows, not to far in the distant future it could be a Growing Guru picking up and dropping off your organics allowing you to be a environmental hero. 


Niko Dowling The Growing Guru

P.S. this has been simplified to make it easier to understand. Spring over to our social medias to learn more or help us sprout by contributing in our top left tool bar. Thank you for listening Unifiers and keep on Growing.