Why G3 NuTREEnts

How much organic waste do you think is thrown away every year in the USA citizen? AgRecycle says that each American on average throws away 1,200 pounds of organic waste that could be composted. To drive the point home this is organic waste that could be benefiting environments by trapping moisture creating better environments to live in. All it is doing is producing methane in landfills that in most cases are vented or lit on fire to float off into the atmosphere adding to our warming climate. 

Now that the problem of this organic waste has been addressed we have a simple solution to turn that trash into trees or more specifically NuTREEnts. That is what is called a bio-digester and here is a link to how you can make your own just like we made ours which is where we get our NuTreents from, https://www.ghostprint.org/blogs/news/build-it-your-self-bioponic-blueprints

How to Use- our G3 NuTreents are made from organic food and animal manuer so there is almost no such thing as frying onces plants. The liquid fertilizer is perfect for everything from flowers to fruit trees plus it is combined with what farmers are familiar with as a liquid surfactant to help our NuTreents and water soak into easier. Together both of these allow you to use minimal amounts of the NuTreents, 1 tablespoon ish to a gallon of water however it will not hurt if you use a whole bottle of NuTreents on one plants because again they are organically made. 

Incase you want to make your own NuTreents with your own fertilizer or NuTreents from your bio-digester that you can find the blueprints on how to make above, here is a link to the surfactant that we use. 


Thank you for spring over to learn about this revolutionary reginative technology. If you have any questions as always feel free to contact me The Growing Guru at GrowingGuru@Ghostprint.org or check out our social media links found here on our website. Stay Safe and Keep Growing!