The G3 Sanctuary Technology

Springing right into it, using an anaerobic digester from Homebiogas, seen below, we have created a closed-looped system of growing, cooking, and consuming fresh food. Recycling every part of the process, from the plant clippings, to waste food plus even bioplastic utensils, plates and gloves back into the Homebiogas system (HBS) to help grow and cook. 

Let's start with what we like to consider the stomach of this technology.  For our systems stomic we are using another nonprofits tecnology called the HBS which you can find out more about here and in this picture.

Once organic waste, that in this case we are considering as everything that comes from plants or animals because then the little creatures inside the  HBS start to break that organic waste down into nutrients and biogas. It is exactly like your stomic in the case of it has the same creatures and creates the same things you do. Those things are, a liquid nutrient (Pee), Solid fertilizer (Poop), and Biogas, otherwise known as Methan (Farts).

Let's slow down rigth there because that is one of the resons this tecnology will help solve climate change. It is a fact that our atmospher is warming due to greenhouse gases and one of the most dangerous of greenhosue gases is Methan which helps to keep 20X more heat in our atmospher than CO2 does. With this system that methan is captured, burned and turned into H2O water vapor and CO2 both of which the plants will thankfully obsorm helping them grow even quicker when this system is set up in a greenhouse like The G3 Sanctuary seen below with The HBS hiden inside a kitchen counter. 

The next parts after the farts is the nutrients. To start the liquid nutrients come out of a tube on the back of the HBS and are perfect for watering garedens or hydroponic systems. Be careful of spreading it on leafs you want to eat because those microbes could carry food board illness. We are choosing to bake our nutrients by creating a stove that will use the waste heat from cooking to perify the nutrients. The second part is the solid fertizer which is a little bit trickier because it needs to be scraped out of the bottom of the HBS once the system gets too full. This solid fertizer is perfect to mix in with soil and to fill your seedling trays with which you can get here. 

9GreenBox - Seedling Starter Trays, 144 Cells: (24 Trays; 6-Cells Per Tray), Plus 5 Plant Labels

Now your plants are growing great with only needing you to keep adding is water and love and honestly very little at that because there almost no wasted runn off water in the system and the plants will be protected inside The G3 Sanctuary. This allows you to pick fresh food all year around no matter what climate you live in because between the with two hours of cooking gas a day and about the 150 degrees the HBS stays at, the space inside the greenhouse will always stay warmer than outside. 

The second to last step of the process is cooking the food. All the waste scraps and waste water can go right into the HBS like seen above in the featured image. The Biogas is also an amazing way to cook your fresh food and don't be afrain of using it to cook up other things like pasta or even animal products because they can all go into the system which brings us to the final step after your community is done eating the delicous food you have prepared.

Bringing it full circle, all the organic waste such as food scraps, compostable plates, napkins and anything bioplastic like gloves, utensils, cups, straws, can all go into the HBS to be recycled creating a closed looped system that we believe is able to help all humans grow more healthy.

We have the vision to help as many people get access to fresh food as possible which is why we are a registered nonprofit corporation allowing us to sell The G3 Technology and put the profits back into setting up G3 Sanctuaries for Communities that can't afford it.