The 10X G3 Sanctuary

Our Redesigned G3 Sanctuary is now 10X better!  

As you can see above, The Sanctuary now has more space in the back next to the Biodigester table, allowing us to connect with our CommUnity in a more healthy space. This design improvement will be carried into the next version of the Stationary G3 Sanctuaries for Home Growers to use too as seen below.

This abundant space in the middle of the greenhouse will be the perfect place to set up a chair to serenely read in your sanctuary or mingle with your closest friends in your community all while breathing in the cleanest air in your area. 

Lastly with the electronics controlling the whole bio-ponic system, (which is the combination of the bio-digester and the hydroponic buckets/seedling trays) all you will have to do is plant, add your normal food or organic waste then wash it down with some water and harvest your bio-ponic bounty.

Check out our Bio-Digester Blueprints to see how you too can set up this green technology!