Sprouting Your Seedlings

Hello Unifiers, in this Post you are going to learn how to start your cold-weather crop seeds to help you stay healthy!


1). The first is to get all of the supplies! 

Supplies needed- Water Holding Tray like a tote, Cups(Red solo cups work great), White Cloth(Old T-shirt just wash it first) Soil(organic preferably, grab some from those dead flowers if you don’t want to leave home), and seeds (which you can find here where we help a School Garden grow there own for every packet you purchase).


Two more things you will need later on are first a light. (Grow lights are great if you don’t have one a normal high wattage light work too). Lastly, your babies will need NuTREEnts about a week after sprouting which we will also donate a bottle to teaching kids for every bottle you buy because we are a nonprofit and believe kids are our future!


Side note- You can start all 3 types of cold weather seeds we have this same way, all at the same time in this tote! 

2). The second step is the fun part, putting it all together. 

A). We started by cutting two small slits in the bottom of the cups and running the white cloth through them.

You can use any white cloth for this, we used string which made it easy to thread and this allows the plant to get water all the way up to its roots.

B). The next step is to add a base layer of dirt making sure to place the string just under the top of the dirt!

C). My favorite step is to plant the seeds. You can just place about 3 seeds in each cup as long as you have left about an inch of room at the top of the cup to add more soil. Also, make sure to put the cloth as close to the seeds as possible.


D). One of the last steps is to fill the cups up to just lower than the lip with soil, we used a seeding mulch🌳

E). Lastly, water them from the top and fill the container with about 2 inches of water to allow them to drink for the next few days. In about a week your seedlings will start to pop up! Make sure to give them water again, also spray them with a bottle and a fan but no lights on. Make sure the water level never goes above two inches unless you are going out of town and need them to survive a while. Placing them by a window that is southward facing and or keep a heat light on them so they stay warm! Don't forget to feed them NuTreents about a week after sprouting for the best growth!


Spring over once they have outgrown their container for more information on how to transplant your babies! 

P.S. Since we used a heat lamp and a southward facing window, our babies sprouted in about 5 🌱