Pop Bottle Planter

Right now you are going to learn one of the easiest ways to start your plants off on the right root. 

Above are all the supplies you will need. The best part about this plantastic activity is that all the supplies are things that you should have laying around the house/ backyard and or things you can easily find at most stores. If you can not find seeds during winter, we would dig your support by purchasing a packet of seeds from us which you can find here. https://www.ghostprint.org/products/g3-seeds

1). The first step is to wash, dry, and cut the two-liter bottle, side note, any bottle type works like seen below. Make sure no matter what type of bottle it is, that you cut it almost directly in half. 

2). The second step is to cut the white cloth, anything including white t shirts works well, make sure at this step it is a white cloth with little to no inc on it. You are going to take the white cloth and push it through the open cap of the bottle till it barely touches the bottom of the bottle as you can see in the middle of the picture above. 

3). Add the dirt, to the top of the bottle making sure the cloth pokes out of the top of the dirt so that you can then place the seeds on the white cloth, I have found this works best because then the seeds will get as much water as they need while they are growing their roots. Then add the dirt on top of the seeds and water it until the bottom of the bottle is filled with water. 

Extra Activity- If you have some extra time to spend on this project, you can have the kids sticker at the bottom of the bottle like seen in the main picture. 

Want to help your plants grow up big and strong? Make sure to feed them once a week and by buying our G3 NuTREEnts you can help us teach more kids how to grow their own food too because a large part of our proceeds go back into helping nonprofits and schools grow the tastiest healthy food. https://www.ghostprint.org/products/g3-lunchy

Lastly, if you are like me and like to see things rather than not check out this video.  https://youtu.be/HNu3dXZP2Xw