How to Grow The Sweetest Cilantro

Here is one of the Easiest step by step guides on how to grow the freshest Cilantro in your garden from seed!

1). Start them indoors with a seedling tray, you can get it from the store or make one like we did here

Make sure to keep soil temp between 65 and 85 degrees for best germination which will take about 5 to 14 days! Make sure they are by a southward facing window and or have a grow/ heat light on them! We used both lighting methods plus a heater/hu

Also fertilize them a week or two after they have sprouted. If you want a super sustainable fertilizer that works great check out our NuTreents here. 

2). When they have outgrown their seedling tray it is time to get them used to the outdoors, leave them out during the day in the shade for the first day, in partial sun the second and then on the third day you can leave them outside overnight, the next day they will be ready to plant in your garden. This step depends more on how your plants look so just make sure they are standing upright and leaves are fully out. 

3). Next, loosely brake up the root balls, place them in well-draining soil about a 6 to a foot apart and in a place with 6 to 8 hours of sunlight a day. 

4) Give them a good soaking and make sure to fertilize, an all-purpose Fertilizer like our NuTreents works great. 

5). Lastly, It’s about 45 days from seeding to harvest and we recommend that you leave a few leafs on each plant when harvesting so that you can have a great crop into late fall. Also, the leaves seem to taste better when temperatures get colder so it’s a treat that only gets better with the more time in the season!

So Unifier, do you know any delicious recipes with Cilantro to help keep you healthy? And happy gardening!