How to Best Plant Pine Tree's

If you follow all of these steps your Pine Trees are almost guaranteed to take and thrive because you are giving your Pines exactly what they like to live!

Step 1- dig twice the size of the pine trees roots. 

Step 2- put the tree into the hole and make sure to cut the sackcloth open on the bottom freeing the roots! 

Step 3- mix one-part old dirt with one part compost and if you have it another part Tree and shrub mix(if you only have compost mix 50/50 dirt to compost is good, best is ⅓ dirt ⅓ compost ⅓ tree shrub mix!

Step 4- add mulch, ideally pine tree mulch and an optional stake facing into the main prevailing wind, here is a video showing you how.

Step 5- Water trees every three to five days until established. Make sure to give them NuTreents every few weeks