3 Great Greenhouse Spring Tips

Want to know how you can grow easier and bigger than ever before? Then splice these three Growing Guru guides for a great spring greenhouse. It does not matter what size greenhouse, these will work on the tiniest backyard kits to the biggest hoop houses. 

1). Fill as many milk jugs, buckets or barrels as you can with water and place them on the lower shelfs of your greenhouse and the back northern wall. You can choose to leave them open to allow them to create humidity just make sure that you water with them every so often so that you do not have insects laying breading in them. This will create humidity in the greenhouse as well as let the chlorine evaporate out of the water. The water its self will help to keep the greenhouse cooler during the hottest parts of the day and warmer during cold nights. It will also help small greenhouses from blowing away. Lastly you can paint the water containers black during spring to ensure that they keep the greenhouse warm all through the night as seen below.


2). Be pest proactive. Every greenhouse I have seen has some type of pests in it so it is best especially if you are using soil to spray a natural pest control before they take over. Neam oil, organic soap and water work great, spray a good amount of this in the soil and it will kill off the eggs of pests. You can also use this mixture to spray on your plants when they are full grown if they have already been infested with pests. 

3). Being the your honest guide the Growing Guru I have to point out that this last recommendation is my biggest one and also that I am a little bias because it is my own invention. That is to install some type of NuTreent creation/ watering system. It does not need to specifically be our G3 Biodigester however ideally some type of automated watering system is crucial to make it so you can enjoy harvesting a larger crop rather than worrying that your plants are drying out. You can also use compost tea or an organic fertilizer from the store, just make sure you remember what you feed your plants will end up being the same stuff that is feeding you. If you want to see how you can create your own BioDigester to turn your food waste into more food faster and easier than ever before check out our FREE Blueprints here.